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ScaleWire Certificate Authority Public Key 1.0.1a
We make extensive use of our private certificate (PKI) infrastructure to ensure that your data is secure both in transit and at rest. Add this public certificate to your System Keychain (OS X) or Trusted Root Certification Authority (Windows) to prevent "Unknown Authority" messages that may pop up while using your ScaleWire services. (SHA1 Fingerprint: 8D 05 FF 9A 2B 7F 29 21 B8 EC 0D FD 98 CB 24 2C 55 E8 61 11)
Filesize: 1.79 kB
Disable Weak Encryption Protocols and Ciphers in Windows Login Required
Use this template to increase Windows security by disabling outmoded encryption ciphers and key strengths. See our knowledgebase for additional information.
Filesize: 1.04 kB
TrustRun™ Client v4.2 for Windows Login Required
TrustRun™ Client Install for v4.2 for Windows, x86/x64 [34.6MB]
Filesize: 34.6 MB

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